Amie Ba cartoon

“Hi, kids! I’m Amie Ba, the Microorganism. Welcome to Kids Corner courtesy of Pasco County Utilities and the FGUA. Here you’ll find plenty of cool stuff like links to sites that have activities, games, and even some cool videos.”

Check back whenever you’re working on a science project. We’ll be adding cool links and resources to things that will help you learn more about water.

Useful Sites

Please note that most of these links will take you another website that’s not maintained by FGUA or Pasco County Utilities.

Aqua Earth-observing satellite mission | Aqua Project Science ( See how NASA is monitoring the Earth’s water cycle!

Check out our friends over at Southwest Florida Water Management District. They have a lot of cool resources.

The American Museum of Natural History has some pretty cool stuff too, if you like puzzles and activities.

The Environmental Protection Agency in Washington D.C. has some pretty neat stuff for kids too. Take a look.

Head over to the American Water Works Association to find out how much water leaks generate.

Take a tour of a water system.

Learn about water in an interactive and entertaining way with Project Wet!

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