Winning Poster Photos Now on the Website

5th Grade (Second Place) Jazmin_Ayo-San_Antonio_Elementary

The program, at its heart, began as a drawing contest. However, since 2010, the program has become much more – in large part, due to the community engagement, education, and outreach features. In 2015, the program drew interest from nearly half of Pasco County’s public elementary schools. In 2016, the program set another record for the total value of prizes donated by the local community. Over the years, the contest has been featured in local news sources, received praise from the Board of County Commissioners for Pasco County, and has even won recognition from the American Water Works Association as a “Best in Class” and “Show of Excellence” program for its emphasis on outreach and education.

Check out this year’s winning posters. Click on the image at the top to see the 2022 photo gallery.


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