Cool Videos from Florida Aquarium

Our friends over at Florida Aquarium sent us three educational videos about coral reef restoration, sea turtles, and sharks! The “Tanks to the Ocean”  series is a multidisciplinary, multimedia outreach program that uses the Aquarium’s resources and animals to help educate local students. The series is a partnership with The Florida Aquarium, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, and Think Out Loud Productions.

Check out this great video about Coral Reef Restoration! Watch as Mr. Mike from the Florida Aquarium and Ms. Pam from the Coral Restoration Foundation dive to the ocean floor to show us how to plant coral in a coral nursery!

Coral Reef Restoration

Who doesn’t love sea turtles?! This video tells about the life of sea turtles and how you can protect them!

Sea Turtles

Sharks are SO COOL! Did you know that some sharks can be as large as a bus? Learn about sharks and how they provide biodiversity to the ocean’s ecosystem by watching this video!


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