New Theme

The FGUA and Pasco County Utilities are proud to announce the theme for our 2016 program. This year’s theme will feature reclaimed water! Reclaimed water is an essential resource that helps us to save available drinking water.

The theme for this year will dive into four main ideas that relate to reclaimed water and help students answer the following questions, while providing some guidance for a new poster design. Those questions are:

  1. What is reclaimed water?
  2. What can reclaimed water do?
  3. How is reclaimed water made
  4. How is reclaimed water used safely (Do’s & Don’ts)?

As past participants may recall, the program has featured different mascots, Drippy the Water Droplet and another lesser known mascot. We’re excited to announce that the poster contest will see the return of another favorite mascot who made her debut in the 2013 program, Amie Ba (pronounced “amoeba”), the microorganism.

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